All of our leather is vegetable tanned using 100% natural dyes and traditional techniques. Contrary to what the name suggests, the leather isn’t tanned with vegetables but by using a variety of organic materials such as tree bark, leaves and plants. The colour results in deep natural and earthy tones.

We truly celebrate the unique and individual quality of our leather with its unique and tonal variations as well as its small marks and scars. This is all part of the inherent nature of the material. We believe the beauty of the material only gets better with age and use. Over time each product will darken and develop a rich patina unique to its owner.


Polish with leather care cream to keep it supple and protected against staining. Scuffs can be reduced by gently rubbing to warm the oils in the leather. Water, grease, perfume, inks and direct sunlight may leave permanent damage. Beware of colour transfer from darker leathers onto lighter coloured clothing and vice versa.

We like Fiebings Carnauba Creme to protect and clean our leather.